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Reflexology for Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy and Maternity

Reflexology for fertility and pregnancy is a non invasive, non intrusive, holistic and gentle approach to enable you to move forwards in your journey towards conception.

I am an experienced and qualified Reflexologist accredited by the International Federation of Relexologist with further training and qualifications in Maternity Reflexology Level 1 and Level 2 from the Association of Reflexologists.

Reflexology can be used to bring the body into balance by inducing a state of deep relaxation using a sequence of relaxing massage techniques then manipulating pressure points on the feet. When the body is relaxed, it is more able to bring about homeostasis (balance) and heal. As with all treatments there is no guarantee of a pregnancy, however there is increasing evidence that reflexology can aid a positive outcome.

Reflexology for Fertility and Conception:

During your initial Maternity Reflexology consultation we will look at the big picture, by implementing a healthy diet, which I can assist you with, and discussing your present lifestyle which may include reducing your stress levels, we can improve your well being to optimise your chances of conception and a successful pregnancy. Implementing these adjustments, with a course of reflexology can be beneficial for both partners.

Reflexology during IVF:

One significant issue that can affect a high percentage of couples trying to conceive is stress, which affects all parts of the body in some way. Reflexology can assist in stress reduction through this expensive and stressful time by aiding relaxation, balance and support

Reflexology during Pregnancy:

Reflexology can be beneficial to both Mothers to be and baby. Reflexology is a wonderful way to induce relaxation and may increase endorphin and serotonin release. Many women have attributed reflexology whilst pregnant to improve sleep and reduced pain during labour and possibly reduce first stages of labour, for more information on reflexology during pregnancy and labour please select the link below…

Reflexology for Post Natal Care:

This is a time when hormone levels drop and Mothers can feel stressed and overwhelmed. Reflexology can help restore the body to its pre-pregnant state through re-balancing and giving you time to relax and de-stress.

To book an appointment or discuss reflexology for fertility, conception, pregnancy, IVF, labour and maternity further, or any concerns you may have, contact Julie at Bedford Reflexology Clinic on 01234 843261

PRICE: A reflexology treatment for the above is slightly longer, more specialised and involves more moves and therefore cost a little more, an initial consultation is free and treatment is £43.00, as is the cost of subsequent treatments.