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Reflexology Treatments and Reiki Prices at Bedford Reflexology Clinic

Prior to the Reflexology Treatment

Please avoid heavy meals or alcohol before and after Reflexology. Plan a restful day after your first treatment to gauge how your reaction will be, and to let your body make the most of your Reflexology treatment. It is not unusual for clients to return to work following a treatment.

The Reflexology Treatment

reflexology treatment in bedford reflexology clinicYou will be invited into a peaceful, private room for a confidential consultation to discuss your needs & medical suitability for Reflexology. Once you are warm & comfortable on the couch, your Reflexology treatment will commence, relieving, relaxing and reviving you. On completion, you will be left for a moment to enjoy the deep relaxation felt after a treatment, and re-hydrate the body with a glass of water; you may then redress your feet.

After Reflexology

You may feel invigorated &/or relaxed. Please take care if driving and try to have a couple of hours rest if possible.

Reflexology Contra-indications

Even though Reflexology is gentle therapy it is treatment and there are some medical conditions, known as contra-indications, where Reflexology may require your GP’s approval. We will discuss this together during your consultation

Reflexology Aftercare

To help your body restore its balance and flush away toxins and impurities, over the following 2 – 3 hours, please take every effort to:

  • Drink plenty of water or herbal teas
  • Keep warm
  • Wear soft, comfortable footwear
  • Avoid stimulants (Caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes)
  • Avoid heavy meals
  • Avoid exertion & long drives.
  • Do not participate in any other holistic treatments for 24 hours
  • Take time to relax and let the benefits of reflexology take effect on body, mind & soul
reflexology treatment at bedford reflexology clinic Reflexology treatment is £38.00 – this includes consultation, towels, oils etc.

A Reflexology treatment with Reiki is £40.00 

Maternity Reflexology treatment is £43.00

A 50 mins Reiki treatment is £36.00

Contact Bedford Reflexology Clinic to book an appointment on 01234 843261

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