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Testimonials for Bedford Reflexology Clinic

On my first visit, I was pleasantly surprised by the restful atmosphere and how relaxed the treatment made me feel. Julie approach is both professional and personal and her treatments leave me in a state of bliss. Amanda – Wootton

Having been a huge fan of massage to reduce my stress levels and ease my IBS, a colleague of mine suggested I try Reflexology or Reiki. Co-incidentally or not, a friend mentioned he was having a course of treatments with a Reflexologist who incorporated Reiki with her treatments, so I booked a course with Julie and have not looked back since.

The deep relaxation experienced is on another level, I actually see colours and felt the benefits after the first treatment, I have no hesitation in recommending Julie for her professionalism and ability to deliver. Reuban – Bedford

On the recommendation of a friend I attended a session but had some reservations if Reflexology (with Reiki) would work, I still don’t understand how it did, all I know is – it did! The relief from deep seated back pain was immediate and following a few sessions, was lasting. Julie is a genuinely warm and caring person, every visit is more like a pamper session than a treatment. Anne – Kempston

Instinctive, sublime, awesome and worth every penny! Hilary – Stagsden

I’m a great fan of Reflexology and have been for many years; the treatments I receive from Julie are on another level compared to previous experiences. I recommend her services without reservation, thank you Julie! June – Bromham

Fantastic!! I have searched for a professional and highly recommended practice for over a year now and very happy to say, I have found it!! Julie is both experienced and highly knowledgeable in her field and truly supportive.  Read more here…  Leo – Bedford

“I would recommend reflexology treatment to anyone who needs to relax and become in-tune with their body, the treatment for me is a fantastic time to indulge and relax.

Julie is an excellent therapist who makes you feel at ease, before and throughout your treatment and I always come away feeling really good.  I would highly recommend Julie who is very good at what she does – thank you Julie!!”  Read more here…  Michele – Bedford

I was quietly sceptical as to whether Reflexology would actually help my headaches and migraines. I found the treatments to be very relaxing and would struggle to stay awake, when I left I felt like I was walking on air!

As the sessions progressed I became aware my headaches were happening far less frequently and migraines were milder and shorter lived. I rarely have a headache these days. I am very pleased to be proved wrong about my scepticism thank you so much Julie   Helen – Sandy